Home automation is becoming a must-have in homes today. It is now easier and more affordable to customize your smart home. Start small with smart speakers like the 'Amazon Echo' or 'Google Home' or create a complete smart home with a system like RadioRA. You have the ability to control as much or as little as you want.
Why do you need home automation?


Walking into a dark room with your hands full? Ask "Alexa' or 'Google' to turn the lights on using only your voice. Didn't turn off the basement lights when you went to bed? No Problem! Turn them off in your phone app.  You don't get up to change the channel on your television anymore, so why would you get up to turn the lights on or off?


Lights, heating, speakers, window coverings and security systems can be controlled remotely and set to different modes for 'home' or 'away'. Program your lights to simulate occupancy while your family is on vacation.


Create, or simply ask your smart speaker to dim your lights to preprogrammed settings and to play your 'party' playlist while hosting friends and family.


Receive notifications on the go when you have left lights or appliances on at home.
With experience in Lutron RadioRA and Casésta Wireless Smart Home Hubs, Nest products and Amazon Echo and Google Home Smart Speakers, Gentlemen Electric is your local home automation expert! Give us a call or book an appoinment to start upgrading to a smart home today.


Once your home automation system is in place, you never have to worry about Southern Alberta’s fluctuating weather again, as you can adjust the lights, thermostat, blinds and small appliances from your phone. You can leave a heated house in a blizzard in the morning and come home to the fans running, cooling your house in the afternoon as the chinook blows in. You can receive notifications if lights or appliances are left on and you'll have the ability to turn them off remotely.  Think you may have left the garage door open?  Close it from work with your smartphone. Program lights to turn on and off to give the appearance that your house is occupied while you are away on holiday.

Gentlemen Electric installs home automation systems including Lutron’s RadioRA 2 total home control system and Leviton's Home Security and Automation Systems. Both are controlled by your smartphone, tablet or wall-mounted display.


If you are not ready for the full RadioRA 2 system, we can help you start by installing a few devices at a time with the affordable completely customizable Caseta System. Once you have the Caséta system installed, you can transform any light switch or outlet into a 'smart' device that will be controlled by your phone or smart speaker.


With the rise in smart speaker technology and availability, home automation has never been easier or more accessible!

Smart Speakers like Amazon's Echo and Google's Home allow homeowners to control all compatible devices and apps, play music and make calls with voice commands.  Compatible devices include security systems, Nest products, smart light bulbs, amplifiers and more. Downloadable apps (or skills) include preferred news broadcasts, games ambient sounds and more. There are even smart speakers with video capability as shown in the video which allow video calling and web browsing.

Get Gentlemen Electric to install a RadioRa or Caséta automation system and expand your smart speaker's control range to include plugs and switches, window coverings and heating and security systems.

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